40th Anniversary

The following article was written prior to Open Door's 40th anniversary in 2016. It includes some history of our mission.

Marvia Boettcher - Open Door Board Chair

"Remembering beginnings, celebrating anniversaries, planning events . . . after enough time has passed that is what we do. Open Door Community Center is no exception. November 2016 will be the 40th year of the beginning of Open Door Community Center. We will celebrate the anniversary during the coming year and plan several events so the people of the Dakotas United Methodist Church will be aware of the mission project they have supported over the past 40 years." 

The Open Door is eager to share its story and needs with all United Methodist Churches of the Dakotas Conference, its supporters, and all interested persons and organizations. Raw footage was shot by Steve Van Dyke, an Open Door member. KAT Productions donated time and equipment to professionally edit and produce this 5 minute video:

Click here to view the 40th anniversary video

The first two kick off projects were the Little Free Library and the Buddy Bench. Jim Unkenholz constructed and installed the Little Free Library. Books can be taken out and returned or kept and users can contribute a book to the collection if they wish. The Open Door Buddy Bench is there if you need a friend to talk to or play with. Sitting on the bench will signal to others that you are lonely and need a friend. We want everyone to feel kindness, love and conection here at Open Door. Marilyn Johnson donated the beautiful bench made from doors for this special purpose.

Upcoming Events:

  • Open Door history being written to document its beginnings, programs and services, personnel, and accomplishments with LeAnn Lindteigen previous assitant director chronicling the story due to be completed by June.
  • Preschool program and graduation on May 26th, 2016 - will highlight the 40th anniversary in the program
  • An open house will be held on September 18th, 2016.